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Does DreamWorld Cosmetics ship internationally? Yes! International Customers there is no longer an option for the lower price for samples only shipping. DreamWorld has been having some issues with this option so it has been turned off for now.  

For Canada:  For up to 8 oz it's $10 and for anything over the 8 oz it is $16. For Europe | Asia | Australia | the rest of the world: S Up to 8 oz is $13.75 and over 8 oz is $22.75.

I have attempted to keep shipping rates as low as possible. I regret they are at the rate they are but these are what is charged to me when I ship out your order. If there is a question about the cost of shipping your order then please contact me at

Do you ship to Italy? I will do this. I place mineral pigments on the label, which is what they are. But I am NOT responsible for any custom fees.

I didn't get my package what do I do? If this happens let me know right away. I need to check with the post office and get it taken care of. But I also know that many times internationally that is hard for me to do, since First Class International does not do tracking. For this reason I will replace the package once. If there is still nothing, then I will refund the money. I don't have this happen often, but it does happen.

How long does it take an international package to reach me? Depending on where you live it can take up to 1 to 6 weeks. I can imagine this is very frustrating, but please give it the time to reach you and if it still has not shown up contact me so I can reship.