DreamWorld Philosophy

DreamWorld Cosmetics philosophy has been and remains that less is more. We choose to use the finest ingredients, but at the same time only use what is necessary for the best products. Our products have been created with healthy, happy skin in mind.

DreamWorld Cosmetics' Mission Statement

DreamWorld has a mission:

1. To help their customers look and feel beautiful using the safest most natural ingredients we are able to find.

2. Help with the creation of healthy, happy skin. Using products created for your skin type will promote skin health and allow the skin to “breathe”, which in turn helps to clear up blemishes, while keeping skin from drying out.

3. To accommodate all skin types and tones. The world is diverse and so are the ladies who live in it. So by making way for all skin types and tones, it allows every lady to feel and look beautiful…the ultimate goal for each person.

4. To keep irritating ingredients out of our products, so they are safe and healthy to wear.

5. To keep the amount of ingredients for each product at a minimal to reduce the chance of an allergy


Samples: DreamWorld Cosmetics offers samples in most products, and those that do not will be available soon as we are updating products.

Turnaround Time: My goal is to offer the fastest shipping possible. We attempt to ship as quickly as possible, but at times the length of time can be longer esp. after a sale. Please check the front page of our site often as we update our shipping times.

Disclaimer: The owners and employees of DreamWorld Cosmetics will not be held responsible for any problems from buying or the use of our products. When you buy DreamWorld Cosmetics' products, you are acknowledging that you agree to these terms…and waive ALL claims against DreamWorld Cosmetics, it’s owner, employees and the products sold on our site. DreamWorld Cosmetics is not responsible for products not purchased from our site at all. We have no control once a product is sold and leaves our hands that it’s ingredients and state will remain without change.

We are in accordance with FDA Regulations. We do not claim that any of our products heal, cure, or are a treatment for a disease process.

Returns: Because of the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. But we still want you to be happy with your shopping experience here, so if there is a problem with your order or something you received, please contact us right away so we can fix it. We encourage you to take advantage of our samples before buying a full size to make sure that the product will agree with you.

If I make a mistake and send the wrong product, by all means let me know so I can get the right product out to you in the mail. It will ship as soon as possible, many times the same day, depending on the product. If the product is out of stock and has to be made, it may take longer.

Pictures: All attempts possible have been used to accurately portray our pictures for you to view on our website. But as we all know, monitors and lighting are different from computer to computer, so please keep this in mind while shopping and don’t hesitate to try our samples to be sure the product you get is what you wanted.

Ingredients: If you do not see what you need to know about the ingredients on the ingredient page, then please contact me. Most of the ingredients to my products are on the ingredient page, but there are times that I do put them on the same page as the product, esp. if it’s a newer product. If there is a product that you are not familiar with and would like any other information on it, again, please contact me.

Privacy: “Everybody’s business is nobody’s business.”

This is the motto of DreamWorld Cosmetics. Privacy is a large concern in today’s society and for this reason DreamWorld Cosmetics will never give out any information that has been entrusted to us. The information given will be used to ship your package accurately and quickly then all information is destroyed in a safe manner when it is no longer needed.

Payments: DreamWorld Cosmetics accepts all major credit cards through our pay pal vendor, along with pay pal.

When using echecks please keep in mind it has to clear before your order can be shipped, which may delay shipment.