Where is the invoice in my package?  DreamWorld Cosmetics is now a paperless company. We have worked out a system where you will receive your invoice by email on the same day that you receive your shipping notice. Keep this for further references. And if you have any questions on your order, use this also to contact us at dreamworldminerals@gmail.com.

Where are the shadow samples? DreamWorld Cosmetics does not offer shadow samples at this time. We do offer 2 sizes of shadow products in jars, halflings which contain 1 gm of product and full size jars which contain 2 gm of product. Our halfings and full size jars do NOT contain sifters, but we have it set up that you can ask for a sifter if you wish. If you do choose a sifter then you will receive slightly smaller amount of product. Halflings do not contain sifters. Our Cheek products, bronzers, chisel powders and accent powder do offer samples which are 1/4 tsp in size. Our foundations and finishing powders also offer samples which are 1/2 tsp which will give you quite a few applications to test the products.

Why are your foundation samples so large? I actually attempted at one time to make the samples in foundations smaller, but each time felt that there was just not enough there to play with. So for this reason, our samples are actually like a mini size instead of a sample, since you receive 1/2 tsp. of product in each sample baggie. If you have any questions about what color you should try, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you choose. If you could email a picture in direct sunlight with no makeup on that would be a great help in us determining with foundation colors to try. You can email us at dreamworldminerals@gmail.com

Why is the jar weight of product different from the jar? The makeup jars are measured for the amount in water, but since powders are more dense and weights differ with each pigment and mica, then you can see how it just would not be the same. A 5 gm jar can hold up to 2 gm of product without a sifter. All the jars at DreamWorld Cosmetics are measured by weight, so as each is filled they are on a scale to ensure that you receive the right amount of product.

Is your shipping times fixed? Yes! My goal before I truly reopened permanently was to make sure that I could ship quickly. No one likes to wait, and for me it would be frustrating also…so what I have done is work hard so that each product that is up for sale was made in bulk is ready to ship when the order comes in and inventory is done daily to keep things that way. I am officially stating that shipping time could be up to 14 days excluding holidays but I will place the TAT (turn around time) on the front page and update it daily.

Why are all the old shadow and blush colors gone? Actually they are not all gone. Many are in hiatus. What I am doing is working through all the older colors, reformulating those for better adhesion and more color, then will be reintroducing them per world. You will also see new colors added to the worlds as they are re-introduced…so there is a lot to look forward to.

Do you test on animals? Absolutely NOT! Nor will we ever. I am a true animal lover, and would never do that. For this reason even our brushes are synthetic unless otherwise specified.

Are your products vegan? At the present time they are a mixture. All lip products at this time are vegan UNLESS there is carmine in the color and those will be flagged so that it is easy to tell they are not vegan. Most shadows and cheek colors are also vegan and they are not then again they are flagged so there is no confusion that they are not vegan. All finishing powders are vegan with the exception of the whipped series, which contain silk powder in them. The Night Time Minerals is not vegan since it contains silk powder and pearl powder. If you have a concern or question please don't hesitate to contact us at dreamworldminerals@gmail.com.

Will you changing to all vegan? Not entirely. We have tried to keep the amount of animal based products to a minimal, but we will continue to care what we have for the time being. All the brushes we carry are are synthetic, and I wish to keep them this way. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Do your products offer spf? When you say you have spf to something it has been specially tested and is also then considered a drug, according to the FDA laws.  Since DreamWorld is such a small company, it just isn’t feasible to do that.

Does DreamWorld use nano size minerals in their products? No, we do no. All minerals are micronized, but we attempt to find and use the larges sizes available.

Will me using mineral makeup cause any respiratory issues for me? No. There is of course dust, and you don’t want to breathe in a lot of it, or snort it! So for you the customer it is very safe.

Do you accept credit cards? We sure do! But we accept them through the pay pal vendor, so that your information is always safe. You do NOT need a pay pal account to pay this way.

Are DreamWorld products natural? Handmade? Every product DreamWorld sells is handmade by the owner, unless otherwise specified.  Our products are made with natural and synthetic ingredients that have been highly researched and are as safe as can be. Many ingredients that are thought to be natural are now are made in a factory. Yes, there are Iron Oxides, but the true Iron oxides are very dangerous with all the lead and other impurities in them. By creating them and cleaning them in the factory they are being made safe. So when someone says all natural, just understand they are “safe” and as natural as they can be.

Does DreamWorld resell private label for any of their products? Not at this time and there is no plan to do that unless it is for mascara. If that happens I will be very upfront and let everyone know where the product comes from and it will have the name from the original company also.