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Magara : Island of Make Believe!

In the time of early man, Lord Time met Lady Luck.

He swept her off her feet so she had no choice but to fall in love with him and agree to marry him, which she did with all haste. After all, how could she not… he was the love of her life.

After a large and beautiful wedding, which had been planned post haste, the new couple, who became known as Lord and Lady of Destiny traveled the world visiting all cultures, all peoples, and all creatures.

While they had traveled for many millennia, they soon realized it was time to settle down on their island home, Magara. Magara....with beaches of white sand that mermaids and mermen sunned on, snowcapped mountains that reached to the sky, forests of animals and trees, and plains with the finest greenery it was a perfect place to raise their family they hoped to have someday.

After much debate, the Lord and Lady settled on the most beautiful spot of Magara for their new home. The Destiny’s built their home on top of the smallest mountain. Once finished their home, a beautiful castle flourished with balconies and large open rooms so that grandmother Wind and grandfather Thunder could visit anytime they desired.

But as with all things soon enough, they found that they were to be parents. Nothing was more desired by the young couple then to expand their family and have children of their own. In their travels they had seen so much happiness from the birth of a child and wanted to feel that joy for themselves.

Their first child, Magick was born on a windy, thundery day, both signs that her grandparents were celebrating with her parents on her birth. She had the beauty of her mother, with hair the color of ripened wheat, eyes the color of the ocean and skin the color of milk. And her personality matched her coloring, light and happy. Always a smile on her face, Magick became much loved by her parents and the other occupants of the island.

And as would be, Magick was joined in her family by a younger brother, Mystery. But where  Magick was light like her mother, Mystery had his father’s look… hair the color of leaves in fall, eyes the color of lapis, and skin that was continually reddened by the sun to match his hair. But he had a loving spirit and a happiness that radiated to everyone around him.

With their family complete the Destiny’s set about teaching their children the secrets of the world…how to feel the power of the universe and how to love the others that surrounded them. There was so much to learn, but the powers the children were gifted with came quickly and strongly so life seemed to run at a fast pace, with grandfather thunder and grandmother wind helping out.

But as with all things, surprises can sneak up on each and all of us even the Destiny’s. With a smile on her face, the Lady told her Lord that they again were expecting another addition to the family.

And while the Lord was shocked at first having thought his family complete he soon realized what a wonderful surprise the Lady had gifted him with and anticipated the birth of his next child.

So with anticipation and delight, the family awaited the birth of their next member only to be further surprised.

Instead of just another addition, the Destiny’s received two….Myshap and Mayhem….a pretty dark haired girl with darkened blue eyes and a voice that would carry throughout the world, and Mayhem, a light son with eyes of the ocean as his older sister, but with a stubbornness that ballads would be written about in the future.

Now with 2 more little ones to learn, the Lord and Lady set about teaching Myshap and Mayhem the secrets of the universe. But these children weren’t quite like their older siblings but more brooding and questioning. They tended, to their parents dismay, to want to change the world as they went so that Magara was never quite the same land as before…

They used to their gifts to create something that became hidden behind the mysts of time…That would forever change the world of the animals and humans alike…

And Mayhem, and Myshap.. were just starting…expanding their knowledge year after year…So watch out black and white zebras…you just may become black and orange, Mayhem’s favorite colors!

And since the holiday season is the time for celebration…and the favorite time of the year for the younger twins, who enjoy fun, festivity, and fun colors, you never know what you may find on Magara!

And now...5 years later, the children have aged and learned from their parents, their grandparents and the world around them. Magara is a happy joyful place, full of color and beauty. Mayhem now 5 is funny and energetic if not a little mischievous, while his sister Myshap is a little more brooding and quiet but always with a smile! But the holiday season is now upon them again, and Magara awaits to see the newest desires are along with their family since the Lord and Lady have found that it is quite hard to restrain the 2 busy children! So never be surprised with you see blue ponies, since blue is all the rage right now OR beautiful golden unicorns, since gold is a girls best friend...the world is constantly changing.

All eye colors come in a 5 gm jar with 1 gm of shadow without a sifter. All cheek colors come in a 10 gm jar with 3 gm of cheek color.