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Our foundations are set up according to level. This section is set up for levels 1 through 10. They come in 3 sizes. A sample size which is 1/2 tsp that will give you a few uses so you can try out to the color to make sure it's right for you, a halfing size which comes in a 20 gm jar and contains 7 gm of product, and a full size which comes in a 45 gm jar and contains 14 gm of product. All of our jars of foundations are set up according to weight and are weighed when being filled. All foundations in every formula are matte.   

We have attempted to photograph the colors to the best of our ability so you can see them correctly but because of monitors and other technologies they may show up differently to each person, which is why if this is the first time buying from DreamWorld we suggest you always try a sample before purchasing a larger size. 

DreamWorld offers color help, so if you are having trouble trying to figure out which foundation color to try, don't hesitate to email us at When you email us please include a picture in sunlight, no cosmetics in place so we can see your undertones.